Saturday, July 26, 2008

Son of Rambow

Today was a really good day. I got to sleep in - which was much needed but then again I also missed Pilates. I biked, then Traxed up to the U (the University of Utah) to play air hockey with Brian and Sameera. The puck was a little light and we spent a good third of our time chasing after the puck as it flew off the table. Afterwards I biked down the library (which is totally cool!), got my library card, and checked out four books. Then I biked home - which was definitely not the highlight! It was about 100 degrees outside!

Later I went to dinner with Jen and Brian at the raw foods restaurant in Sugarhouse. It was pretty good - a little expensive.

The highlight of the day, however, was watching the "Son of Rambow." IT WAS AMAZING! Plus, I got to spend time with two great friends, that was before the sprinklers came on...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

Today is Pioneer Day, a state holiday here in Utah. It also happens to be Jenny's birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't get the day off work, and instead had to watch kids slip-n-slide down one of the hills in Sugarhouse Park from my office.

After work, I met up with Jenny, the Millers, and Sameera and walked around Liberty Park, where the main festivities were happening. Today is probably the one and only day I regret living a half block from the Park. It's been really loud all night and last night. Fireworks are going off right now, but live bands have also been playing all day (although I was at work for most of the day). And there's a TON of people - which is good that they are all walking around and biking. But a lot of them also drove, so there's a lot of traffic and a lot of cars parked around the neighborhood.

So I gathered from talking to a few different people, that there's not one exact explanation for what Pioneer Day is. One guy, who has lived in Utah his entire life, thought that it was a holiday celebrating Utah becoming a state. However, that's not what it is. Roughly, it is the day Brigham Young arrived in Salt Lake and declared near what is currently the University of Utah, "This is the right place!" However, Young was not the first Mormon to arrive in the Valley.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Salt Lake City

I've finally settled into my new place in Salt Lake City, UT. Well, not completely settled since I haven't hung any pictures and haven't set up my "office."

Roller derby was last night- and totally awesome. We met at my house and carpooled down to Kearns. A larger group than I thought ended up going, which was fine. Salt Lake destroyed Fort Collins. NOS didn't play as well as usual - she gave up a little early on some jams. FoCo had a really awesome, awesome player named Urrrk'n Jerk'n. She always won Lead Jammer and towards the end became THE blocker. Although she called jams off rather obnoxiously, I wish she played for Salt City!